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They subject you to electrical shocks till you pass out. Then they pour water on you in the freezing cold. No, these are not stills from a horror movie. These are real acts of torture in the center of Europe in the 21st century.

More than 100 Ukrainian political prisoners are serving unlawful  sentences in Russia and in occupied Crimea. The vast majority of them are Crimean Tatars. More than 200 other Ukrainians are being kept by pro-Russian combatants in inhumane conditions in Donbas. They are all victims of repressions based on their political, national and/or religious affiliation.

Listen to the #PrisonersVoice stories of Ukrainians who have returned from the hell of Russian prisons, sign the petition, and support the prisoners of the Kremlin. The global community has to make the Kremlin release Ukrainian hostages! Read more

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Why Russia's Return to Europe's Key Body Is Dangerous
#PrisonersVoice - 3 Steps for Ukrainian Kremlin Prisoners
#PrisonersVoice O. Kolchenko

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Тoday, more than 100 Ukrainian citizens are illegally imprisoned in the territory of Russia and occupied Crimea for political reasons, and several thousand  people are detained on other falsified cases. In addition, more than 200 Ukrainians – prisoners of war and civilian hostages – are being illegally kept prisoner in horrendous conditions in basements in the occupied territories of Donbas. Oleksandra Matviychuk, the chairwoman of the Center for Civil Liberties, spoke about their plight during the presentation of #PrisonersVoice, an augmented reality (AR) mobile application created to share their ordeals witht the world. During the presentation, experts spoke about the conditions of detention of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia as well as about the role of Ukraine, civil society organizations, cultural institutions, and everyone who cares about the release of these prisoners. Prisonersvoice - 3 steps for Ukrainian Kremlin Prisoners

Prisoners of the Kremlin

“Putin and the Federal Security Service became our producers and brought the attention of the whole world to the repressions in Crimea. Then, the court was like a platform for speaking, for declaring your position”, tells Oleksandr Kolchenko.

Every prisoner of the Kremlin has their own story. Those who came back spoke about it for #PrisonersVoice. However, those who are still left behind bars need our support and our voices. “Our duty is to talk about them so that attention is focused on all of them. Because this attention is like light in a room with cockroaches. They start running away in all directions because they are afraid of this light”, says Oleh Sentsov. Prisoners of the Kremlin

  1. Download the free #PrisonersVoice application and listen to the stories of released prisoners of the Kremlin – Oleksandr Kolchenko, Oleh Sentsov, and Volodymyr Balukh. Augmented reality visuals will bring you along the course they were forced to take – from arrest and long days in prison camps to their ultimate return to Ukraine.
  2. Sign the petition for supporting the prisoners of the Kremlin, who are left unprotected against COVID-19. Cells are overcrowded, and there is no normal ventilation. Masks are unavailable for people with respiratory diseases. People cannot maintain even basic hand hygiene. We have to become their voice!
  3. Together we can stop Russia’s arbitrary and lawless actions! Join the #PrisonersVoice campaign. The return of the Kremlin’s prisoners depends on your support.


peoples Family Members about Kremlin’s Prisoners

The hell of uncertainty and absence of news, sleepless nights and endless days – this is what relatives of every political prisoner are going through. Stories from those who are waiting most of all for the return of the Kremlin’s prisoners were collected by volunteers of the Center for Civil Liberties. Read more

Oleksandr Kolchenko: “Some left-wingers in Europe have a distorted vision of Ukraine” Oleksandr Kolchenko: “Some left-wingers in Europe have a distorted vision of Ukraine”

One year since Ukrainian political prisoner Oleksandr Kolchenko was released from a Russian prison, he speaks about his hunger strike, Crimea and left-wing views of Ukraine. Read more

Oleh Sentsov, “We need a strategy for fighting Putin and replacing his regime with more democratic one” Oleh Sentsov, “We need a strategy for fighting Putin and replacing his regime with more democratic one”

Until recently, Oleh Sentsov was an icon of the protest movement of the Ukrainians against occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, and a symbol of all Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia in general. Read more

About the project

Today, Ukrainian scientists, doctors,  citizen journalists, writers, human rights defenders, entrepreneurs, and workers are imprisoned on fabricated charges in Russia, annexed Crimea and occupied Donbas. The prisoners are raped, beaten, tortured with electricity, deprived of sleep, water and food, and their family members are threatened with violence. 

The #PrisonersVoice project is part of the global campaign of the same name aimed at drawing the world’s attention to Ukrainian political prisoners who were or are still being kept in Russian prisons, and to the Russian Federation’s violations of international human rights law.

We are asking you to take three simple steps that will help to stop the Kremlin’s arbitrary detentions and bring all political prisoners back home. About the project