Akim Bekirov

Akim Bekirov

Date of arrest: 27.03.2019

Charges: conspiracy to commit insurrection by an organized group, participation in the organization "Khizb ut-Takhrir"

Court verdict: Still under investigation

Waiting for him: Wife Sabrie, daughter Sumaya and son Sayfullah

“I have many fond memories of Akim, but the brightest is the birth of our daughter,” says Sabrie Bekirova, “She is two and a half old now. Our son is one year old, he was born after Akim’s arrest.”

“They came to us at 6 am and searched the whole house,” says Sabrie, “After that, Akim was taken away.”

The investigation of Akim Bekirov’s case is over now. He is being held in a pre-trial detention center in Simferopol. Then his case will be sent to court.

“If we take into account previous court decisions of similar cases – the verdict is known. No matter how hard the defense tries, he will still be found guilty. All of us know that he is not guilty, so we believe to the last that he will be released soon,” says Sabrie.

The family is being helped by acquaintances and friends. “A lot of people from our community are supporting us both morally and financially,” says Sabrie Bekirova. The children were given presents for holidays, and volunteers organized care-packages for Akim when he was in Rostov and his wife couldn’t visit him.

“Now anyone could find themselves in a situation like my husband's – regardless of their nationality or religion - so we must all support each other in the fight against injustice in a lawful manner. We should not stand aside,” Sabrie Bekirova says in an appeal for solidarity.