Asan Yanikov

Asan Yanikov

Date of arrest: 27.03.2019

Charges: conspiracy to commit insurrection by an organized group, participation in the organization "Khizb ut-Takhrir"

Court verdict: Still under investigation

Waiting for him: his parents, sister and four nephews

"Asan is one of those deeply caring people who take care not only of their loved ones, but also of others”, Fatime Yanikova recalls.

On March 27, 2019, three members of Fatima’s family were arrested - her brother Asan, her husband Fakhod, and his brother Alim Karimov. Apart from them, national security forces detained another 19 Crimean Tatars that day.

At 5:30 a.m., national security forces broke into Asan's parents' house. Asan's mother fell ill due to a nervous breakdown. "Her blood pressure had risen drastically, plus she has a high blood sugar level," says Fatime. - “My brother began to demand that we call an ambulance. He was told: “Your mother just pretends to be ill; there's nothing wrong with her.”

Asan and other Crimean Tatar prisoners are now held in the Simferopol pre-trial detention centre; their case is under pre-trial investigation.

“My brother has several diseases, so he needs regular medical examination and a strict diet, - Fatime explains, - Of course, in the current conditions, it is impossible to meet his requirements, so all of it affects his health".

For Fatime, the accusations of her relatives of terrorist activities simply because they are Muslims sounds absurd. "They were just paying respect to their own religion, which commands that we do no harm, not only to people of our faith but also others. "

Fatime believes that the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian people’s joint efforts will lead to justice, and all who are illegally imprisoned will return to their families.

"Thank you to all who support us, and even though we are such a small nation, the world does not forget about us and opposes the way this state treats us, the Crimean Tatars".