Farkhod Bazarov

Farkhod Bazarov

Date of arrest: 27.03.2019

Charges: conspiracy to commit insurrection by an organized group, participation in the organization "Khizb ut-Takhrir"

Court verdict: Still under investigation.

Waiting for him: His wife and four children.

"Like all activists, Farkhod was organizing children's holidays, sending packages to pre-trial detention centers for innocent convicts who suffered from this system and who were unjustly taken away from their families," said his wife, Fatima.

Farkhod was detained on March 27, 2019, and at 5:30 a.m., when national security forces broke into their house. That morning, Russian law enforcement detained three members of Fatima's family: her brother Asan Yanikov, her husband Farkhod, and his brother, Alim Karimov.

As of September 2020, Farkhod and other Crimean Tatars are in the Simferopol pre-trial detention centre; a pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

Fatima is worried about her husband's health, because it is very damp in the pre-trial detention center, and he does not tolerate dampness due to a prolapsed disc.

According to Fatima, on the very same day when her relatives were taken away, people began to come to their house offering their support, care, and condolences. "Even though my parents don't have small children, they`ve also received a lot of food," she said. Both Fatima and her compatriots are unable to come to terms with the unjust charges pressed against political prisoners. The woman emphasizes that they are not terrorists, but orthodox Muslims who lived according to their belief that other people should not be harmed regardless of their religion.

"I want to express special gratitude to the Ukrainian people, who in these difficult times you have not forgotten that we are also your compatriots. I also want to thank the citizens of all countries - all those who care and believe that this is grossly unfair, and that this injustice must end, " she concluded.