Online events

Currently, we are organizing two large-scale online events in which human rights experts, representatives of international organizations, and released political prisoners will discuss the most pressing problems of the Kremlin’s prisoners. One of these events will be held in Ukrainian, and the other one – in English.

We will invite media representatives, opinion leaders, and everyone willing to take part in the discussion. Follow our updates!

Тoday, more than 100 Ukrainian citizens are illegally imprisoned in the territory of Russia and occupied Crimea for political reasons, and several thousand  people are detained on other falsified cases. In addition, more than 200 Ukrainians – prisoners of war and civilian hostages – are being illegally kept prisoner in horrendous conditions in basements in the occupied territories of Donbas. Oleksandra Matviychuk, the chairwoman of the Center for Civil Liberties, spoke about their plight during the presentation of #PrisonersVoice, an augmented reality (AR) mobile application created to share their ordeals witht the world. During the presentation, experts spoke about the conditions of detention of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia as well as about the role of Ukraine, civil society organizations, cultural institutions, and everyone who cares about the release of these prisoners. Prisonersvoice - 3 steps for Ukrainian Kremlin Prisoners