Rustem Emiruseinov

Rustem Emiruseinov

Date of arrest: 14.02.2019

Charges: participation in the activities of an organization recognized as terrorist in the territory of the Russian Federation. The case of Khizb ut-Takhrir

Court verdict: Still under investigation

Waiting for him: Wife, three children

Rustem was arrested early in the morning on February 13, 2019. "I woke up for the morning prayer. It was 6:05 when I heard a knock on the metal door," his wife, Aliie, recalls. Investigators did not find anything forbidden, so the FSB officers planted a forbidden book. "It's their standard scheme: plant a book and pretend they found it at our home," says Aliie.

The conditions in which Rustem has been held at all times since his detention are tantamount to torture. For two weeks, he was held in the "transit" zone - a tiny cell in the basement, which can accommodate only one bed and toilet. Then Rustem was transferred to the general cell of the Simferopol pre-trial detention centre, where 20-22 people were constantly held in a cell with 18 beds.

Aliie recalls: “We had to wait until morning when someone would wake up and it would be possible to go to sleep with their own bed linen. And there were bedbugs, cockroaches, and rats. There was no clean drinking water, and while there were no other political prisoners in his cell with him, he was joined by suspects in criminal cases. One of them was accused of killing his wife, another of killing a friend, and another of killing his grandmother."  

In prison, Rustem's health deteriorated significantly, his molars crumbling and falling out of his mouth. "Even with a body temperature of 40°, no one would provide medical care, and the medical unit had only one pill for all diseases," - says Aliye.

"From the first day of Rustem's arrest, acquaintances and strangers came to our house and helped us," says Aliye. "Crimean Solidarity gives maximum support, objective coverage of all news, helps families financially and provides lawyers." The Crimean Childhood initiative helps our children, helping instill a sense of pride in their families.”